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Email Marketing Services

Many marketers today find that email as a communication and marketing tool has become less and less effective in generating sales leads or revenue. At Magnet Digital we have used our national and local email marketing experience to find the most effective method to optimize your email messaging.

We start with reviewing all of the technical aspects of email blast delivery:

  • What are your DNS settings?
  • How Hygiene is your email address list?
  • Who’s IP Address are you using?
  • What Size are your email blast campaigns?
  • What day of the month are you sending your communications?

These along with many other factors influence how effective your email marketing campaigns can be each time you make that investment. We conduct internally at our agency your email blasts and customize our reporting to fit your analysis needs. We can even apply advance Analytics to your email blast through our statically verifiable campaign software tools.

Imagine sending your customers professional-looking emails that have the highest Open, Read and Click rates in the country. We can even design and develop content for your company. Call us or even better yet email us today for further information!

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