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Cedar Fair Entertainment Company Customer Loyalty

The Brief: During 2012, one of the largest operators of Amusement Parks in North America commissioned our company to develop the industry’s only customer loyalty program. The agency started with a single mission to develop a loyalty program that “enhanced the customer experience” and would blend into the brand of the client.

The Work: Today has enrolled at the client’s Cincinnati, Ohio based park a significant number of cardholders in a single season. The loyalty program is supported by a number of interlocking statistical algorithms that manage the customer experience by rewarding them for visiting and spending at the park. Balanced by both consumer visits and in park spend assures the client that both attendance and revenue goals are met. The program updates itself every week by analyzing the visit and in-park spend customer data. Then the program reports on the client’s Return on Investment.

The Success: The customer loyalty program is not only the industry’s single operating loyalty program but one that has a number of loyalty program operational firsts: the only consumer loyalty program that allows house holding of the management of the rewards across multiple Unique IDs, a loyalty program that automatically detects potential reward redemption fraud and one that reinvents itself each week to meet the client’s corporate return on investment stated increased in park revenue and operating gross margins.

In addition to assisting the client to increase attendance and revenue, the program enhances the customer experience with “Instant Rewards.” Instant Rewards are real time rewards that are provided at the Point of Sale to the consumer recognizing their ongoing in park spend each visit. All consumer rewards are reflective of the client’s brand, thus reinforcing the brand through the rewards earned by each person. The program also acts as a consumer data clearinghouse to improve field data collection so that advanced Analytics can be conducted to support in season marketing communications, prevent customer season pass churn and interface with a number of client software legacy systems.